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The Online Management Programs at Adarsh Viswa Vidyalaya are designed for the working professional of the 21st Century. Each program is composed of carefully chosen courses, hand-picked for their relevance to the global corporate and business environment today The online Learning makes s great leap in participatory education envisioned to provide quality university degree programs on an online platform to students and working professionals across the world. AVV uses the latest techniques in Information and Communication Technology and the power of the Internet to reach out to students around the world. AVV strives to makes history on E- Learning by ensuring that every student gets equal access to quality education, regardless of his or her background. Working in close collaboration with Universities, World’s most innovative E-education platform,AVV delivers programs to an audience across the world. Using a state-of-the-art virtual Classroom platform, AVV students attend classes over the internet, interacting with professors teaching at some of the finest institutions of the nation, and fellow students placed across the globe.

Advantages of Online Courses @ AVV

  • Online courses offer more individual attention.
  • Electronic learning media offers flexibility.
  • Online courses give you real world skills.
  • It promotes life-long learning.
  • Online courses connect you to the global village.

There are probably many more advantages to Internet-based courses, but I think you got the idea. The point is that we live in an ever-changing world that is ripe with new possibility. The ability to learn new information or a new skill whenever you want and wherever you want offers far greater opportunities for education than ever before. The scope and reach of education broadens to far greater horizons that perhaps ever imagined.
Online means of Executive Education carries a special focus at Adarsh Viswa Vidyalaya  The Working Professional of today needs programs that bridge the gap between academia and the needs of a career in the global workplace. No longer can a individual go through an entire career, without up skilling himself.  These university-accredited courses provide you with the skills to write and design technical documents, business letters, reports, proposals, web pages, help systems, single source documents, and online courses.
Adarsh Viswa Vidyalaya ( AVV ) recognizes the key role knowledge will play in social and economic development in the new millennium. So we ensure the best education in the management courses with fully accreditation as well as global exposure.  At AVV students are encouraged to work with the faculty on research projects. Varied coursework, state-of-the-art computer labs, well-equipped lecture rooms provide finance students with a solid preparation for entry into the world of finance and for career advancement.

Online Learning:  The Boom over the Shadow

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  • Dept of business management inviting faculty application from suitable candidates.
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  • Master degrees result will be publish on Feb 11, 2014.

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